Welcome to ThinkBiz

ThinkBiz, as the sole incubator focusing on deaf entrepreneurs, is uniquely positioned as the premier incubator of deaf businesses. ThinkBiz is a nonprofit organization that provides consulting, resources, and financial assistance to deaf entrepreneurs.


ThinkBiz provides three services: consulting, resources, and financial assistance. We're a non profit organization, so cost doesn't have to be a worry for you! The catch? Just give us credit wherever you can (oh, and tell your friends about us, too!).


ThinkBiz hosts annual startup competitions in where dueling deaf entrepreneurs duke it out for prizes! Think you have a pretty good idea? Then join the competition and blow us away!

Responsive? Really?

Yes! ThinkBiz identifies your needs, and adapts to your changing needs. Try it for yourself: contact us!

Let's talk! We're here for you! Contact Us!

Have an idea for a business? Let's make it happen!

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." -- Henry Ford

Volunteer Opportunities Available!

Now hiring for the position of Chief Marketing Officer! Have a passion for creativity? Love social media? Have photography, video, arts, or website skills? Good at advertising? We want you!
Now hiring for the position of Liaison Officer! Want to work with deaf entrepreneurs to start businesses and to make their businesses thrive? Love figuring out solutions to challenges? Then this position is for you!
Guess what? We also are hiring for the position of Chief Financial Officer! We're looking for someone who loves crunching numbers who want to be part of something huge and life-changing! If you want to change life for the deaf community forever, then this is your opportunity!